MERA Open is a fully integrated ERP and CRM system with its unique design and architecture serving both small and large organizations Inside is trading, distribution and production. The system's large logical depth and unique database design given the answer to complex problems instantly in a user friendly and straightforward manner.

MERA Open is designed to change and solve new challenges without losing integration and coherence. The system handles multiple companies, with any common data across countries and other structural limits.

MERA Open can be installed under UNIX (SV5, Solaris and Linux) on optional server and Windows as a client platform .

MERA Open includes as standard :.



  • Foreign currency management.
  • Differentiated reminder and clean procedures
  • Gross margin and payment pattern.
  • Periodic billing.
  • Keyword search of customers.


  • Foreign currency management.
  • Automatic Payments.
  • Preliminæreregstreringer of invoice.
  • Purchase Order Reconciliation.



  • Invoice verification with full integration to creditors.
  • Stock Evaluation.
  • Price lists.
  • Purchase Proposal with automatic creation of purchase order.
  • From the sales budget through bills to commodity budget.
  • Conversion and linking sales order for the purchase.


  • From the sales budget for the production plan.
  • Resource Planning incl. calendar, switching and prioritization.
  • Material and capacity BOMs and production route plans.
  • Graphic interactive capacity management.

Sales Order

  • Tiered pricing and discount system .
  • Configuration management and pricing
  • Procured items and sales bills .
  • Sales Accounting with follow-up from offer to invoice.
  • Shipping Calculation integrated with inventory, purchasing and production incl. calendar, packaging and distribution.
  • Seller Messages for warehousing, purchasing and production situation.
  • Data exchange and kundeopkopling.
  • Automatic distribution based on statistical models and forecasts.



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