Document Management

Mera Opens document management is a sophisticated management of internal and external documents and memos for use by vendors and employees in daily work and follow up. The aim is to collect the company in and outgoing information, and make it accessible and logically seek for relevant staff across the organization and work.

A document must in this context as a note, not a document in the usual sense. A document can typically be linked to one or more of the following identities:

A document can also be associated with MS Word , Excel, etc.. documents.

By document creation attached automatic document the responsible officer, who thus have an overview of their own documents and their status. By document creation can be associated with an employee who conducts follow-up of a document at a given time and with a copy to any other employees. Documents in response is included automatically in Mera Opens calendar function of the selected sequel. It has continually review of documents through their association with related identities.

Documents can also be used for print (letters), email and fax and incoming emails , faxes and scanned documents.