Mera Opens monitoring system collects all open activities ranging from voice mail and offer follow-up to customer visits and seminars. The sky's the limit. All completed activities will be saved so you always have the overview and history of a file or a contact mode.

If a document is attached to a sequel, the follow-up date and possibly time of follow up required. The follow-up may be a period (from the bell, or a period extending over several days). The document will automatically be included in Mera Opens calendar function , and you'll immediately know whether the sequel is available at the selected time or preoccupied with other chores and whatever. Information on whether the sequel has read the document or not apparent then on various document requests. Sequel has consistently overview of outstanding follow-ups and other similar can see an employee's outstanding documents with markup for the sequel has read the document.

Completion of a follow-up can be confirmed, and depending on the document type may generate new documents and follow-up. Eg. completion of the visit may entail establishing an inspection report. At the conclusion of a customer-related documents may be automatically formed a charging of a fixed and a variable cost , which is part of the customer contribution margin calculation example. for a visit. practice paper costs may be charged partly through journal entries and partly through creditor invoice posting.

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