Document Cost Variable costs

In the journal entry and creditor invoice posting can relate the posting of a document by which the posting will be attached document cost list.

If the document vascular one or more client references and financial account has a cost associated with responding, these costs would be allocated to the involved customers and konaktpersonner. It is advisable that cost product konteringstabel have an account (16) Shipped not invoiced set to the same account which is recorded, and (17) Cost of sales for a similar account, but could spread. Eg. representations are recorded in a representative account, which also translated to the associated omkostningvares konteringstabels account (16). Cost of the product konteringstabels account (17) is thus an account of customer distributed representation. This will mean that when journal entry posted will post the account will be charged, but in connection with the distribution to customers will be credited again and could spread representation charged.

Fixed costs

For each document type you can attach a cost equivalent. By the end of a document with such a document type, a lump sum plus one hour cost would be allocated to the involved customers and konaktpersonner the same principle as above.

(Document 13)