Journal entries

Most entries to the financial system is automatically generated in automatic posting system , but there is obviously entries , which must be made manually.

Annex number can be entered or automatically assigned possibly guided by posting date so that we can start a new sequence, for example. financial break. Postings may be carried backward across the year, but over the course the custom accruals .

There may be booked at:

There can not be charged on accounts or assets that have postings stop.

For entry lines can be attached an employee whereby Annex line stapled on employee costs / sales. For posting the lines could be attached a document and its annex will be stitched to document cost list. If the document contains reference to one or more clients or executives and financial account is marked to be cost kunderelateres will cost would be allocated to customers. and included in their gross margin calculation. The annex will be attached document cost list.

Tax Calculation and allocation is made from the accounts of embedded rules or coding at the time of recording.

Before confirmation of the Annex reconciled debits and credits.

After Annex creation can be obvious query on it, or possibly find it via the annex list .

There is opportunity for the creation of posteringskladder that can be used for example. 's regular postings .

(Finance 11)