For any quantitative indication of order processing, work MERA Open รค with an advanced routine that will allow the entry of amounts in different units of constant automatic conversion to related entities.

All items have as basis a storage unit, ie the unit stocked it. This unit can be defined with a number of decimal places. Eg. you can kilo be defined with 3 decimal places, meter by 2 and pieces outside.

All types of orders (sales, purchase, production, etc.) has a consumption unit (sales unit, purchase unit, production, etc.) with an associated theoretical and actual conversion factor. These units may be the same, that is, by a factor of 1, and therefore can not allow deviations between the consumption unit and the storage unit. In connection with the order line treatment,

  • Consumption unit can on each order line be changed to the storage device, automatically changing the conversion factor for the first
  • Conversion factor is changed if the devices are different.
  • The amount expressed in either consumption devices or storage devices, with the resulting conversion to another.

Of course one must be aware of the prices and rounding off problems associated with such changes.

Optionally, enhedesomregningen added another dimension, as described in, for example. product sales information . This added dimension would in principle behave as described above.

When the item has a weight, the amount of storage devices as an option entered or downloaded via an interface to a weight, in kilograms, associated conversion and antalsverificering ..