Financial Budget

Mera Opens Financial budgets can be maintained at both lines and text lines , or through retail budgets underlying identities defined through konteringstabeltilhørsforhold . Budgets held as the standard for the last, current and next year, The budgets are automatically moved in the year-end .

Budget Admission Budgets can be admitted either as an annual budget or by post. period (months) If the budget is hospitalized as an annual budget allocated for the same pattern as the budget year (this year distributed as last, and next year as this) The budget presented in the list based on the account's debit / credit code. If the account is defined as debetkonto hospitalized debetbudget positive and negative credit budget. If the account is defined as a credit account, hospitalized budget reversal (credit and debit positive negative):

If the budget comes from the underlying identities managed this by stating konteringstabel and table membership and calculation formula. Eg. desired sales budget for an item to be sales budget from debtors with a particular konteringstabel. Alternatively, the desired sales budget to be realizable value of a number of budget products with a specific konteringstabel or product consumption budget to be cost value of the same.

Budgeting Level Budgets can be said that hospitalized both accounts, or an overall sumkonto . If the budget is presented at both sumkontoen and some of those related to sub-accounts are sumkontoens budget that part of the budget which was not included in underkontiene.

For questions and graphics , reports and key figures are sumkontoens budget the sum of retail budgets plus sumkontoens own budget.

Forecast This year's forecast will be the actual revenues and budget for the rest of the year. This forecast can then be manually adjusted for an expected annual accounts.

(Finance 12)