Financial ratios

Mera Open a text lines may contain ratios calculations supporting the custom additions or items .. A very strong facility to provide management information right now on current data.

Ratios calculation can consist of accounts, constants and variables and arithmetic expressions.

  • Constants can be numeric positive or negative integers. Constants are always perceived as being with 2 decimal places (Do not use decimal point).
  • Arithmetic expressions may be "" (plus) "-" (minus), "*" (twice) and "/" (divide)
  • "(" And ")"
  • The "day" as the number of days (times 100) of the requested period.
  • Accounts. Accounts are either starting with a letter or enclosed in quotation marks ('or "). You should be aware that an account's inventory is controlled by debit / credit code on the account.

By query and graphical presentation and reporting of key figures accounts will turnover and budget thus be a calculated ratios.


Text Item N001 together counter turnover. Text Item N002 together count assets in operating profit. Text Item N003 has the following ratio calculation "((N001 * day) / 365) / N002" thus giving the asset turnover rate for a given period.