Sales Order Main

As previously mentioned, the minimum information in the order header a customer number possibly together with a contact or a delivery address. Some of the basic information from the customer is transferred to the order header with the possibility of subsequent changes. Changed the customer number subsequently transferred the basic information on new and any manual changes made will be overwritten.

If the customer is stopped for order processing, you can not create or execute orders on this. In connection with order maintenance, check the credit limit.

In combination with the user's profile and order-driven form parameter order will head so include:

  • Sales manager Transferred from the customer. If nothing is filled in the customer used the employee from the user profile. It is thus possible to display a salgsansvarligs order book.
  • Order manager The employee from the user profile transferred by the contracting responsible / follow up
  • Language code If not specified language code to the customer, be the language of the user profile.
  • Stop Order A code which can slow the normal course of order processing.


The following information is transferred and applied to pricing and discount calculation of the order

  • Price Code What price group prices should be taken from.
  • Net prices Whether to display net prices instead of price and discount diverse order prints.
  • Price Currency What currency prices set in. If nothing is filled in the customer used the currency code as the price currency.
  • Regular customer discount
  • discount Group If the price tag is not filled out the order taken it from off the group. The same applies to the fixed customer discounts and a fixed line discount.

Delivery Information

Information concerning deliveries transferred to the order:

  • The delivery address will be filled with the delivery address of the customer or the customer's name and address if delivery address is not filled.
  • Delivery Mode After choosing the delivery method transfer agent to the order header. Additionally, the input of work for packing and standard Packet.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • stock Which stock goods which standard should be taken from. If stored is not filled out the customer selects stored from the user profile. The store may eventually be overwritten from the choice of delivery method.
  • invoice Information Information concerning the invoice call transferred to the order:
  • Currency Currency can not be changed subsequently.
  • Payment terms
  • invoice account
  • Tax Code

Contact or delivery address

If the specified contact or delivery address and include one of the following fields are used these instead of the customer:

  • Delivery Mode
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Delivery Address
  • Discount Group

Invoice account

If the customer has an invoice account the following fields from this:

  • Currency
  • Currency can not be changed subsequently
  • Tax Code
  • Regular customer discount