Credit Check

In Mera Open ä become a customer credit limit checked and the results shown in various sales order records , for example. by order confirmation and delivery. One can thus optionally determine whether a transaction is executed on orders where the credit limit is exceeded. By default, the "credit brake" implemented by execution of order confirmations and delivery notes, which the credit limit is exceeded.

As a basis defined amount available as customer's credit limit minus the current balance. If the customer has an invoice account, account credit limit and balance from invoice account. In connection with the credit processing of an order you can with proper access :

  • Completely eliminate credit checks from an individual contracting
  • Insert a maximum order value for a single order

The initials of the person who has changed the credit checks are automatically updated on the order

One can define the effect of "credit brake" overall for the company as:

  • No effect One can determine that "credit brake" no power to have, and you only get a warning that the credit is exceeded. So we can confirm and deliver orders, even if credit is exceeded.
  • Your Order Hvis denne ordres total beløb overskrider kundens rådighedsbeløb stoppes videre behandling af ordren.
  • The order and outstanding deliveries If this order totals plus but not yet invoiced deliveries exceed customer's disposable stop further processing of the order.

Maximum Order Value For each user can specify a maximum contract value. This means that the user is not "should" confirm orders whose value exceeds its maximum order value.

Minimum coverage For each user can specify a minimum coverage. This means that the user is not "should" confirm orders if total coverage is less than the minimum coverage ..

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