Sales Order Main change

After the creation and eventual execution of a sales order, a portion of the information in the sales order header is changed with profound effects on order lines .

In addition to the more passive information, such as shipping address etc., And the information which does not affect product lines, the following changes with effect on product lines:

  • Price Currency If the price of the currency change, translated selling prices for the new price currency with rounding according to the new price currency. This change is done automatically by changing the customer's currency.
  • tax Code If the tax code is changed, the project will calculate the order based on the new tax code.
  • Payment terms If the payment term change, through reckoned order according to the new condition. This is particularly relevant in the UK where tax calculation may be dependent on any attainable cash discount.
  • order Discount If the contracting rebate altered through reckoned the order with the new discount percentage.
  • stock If the overall supply store is changed, the store on the product lines, which are not yet confirmed / executed without regard to any primary storage for individual items.
  • Delivery If leveingsmåden 's stock decisive change just by changes in inventories, and the order is updated with customs agents, etc.