Stock Information

In MERA Open ä, part of the control parameters be stock dependent. A stock is not only geographically separate stores but also system unbundled stores. This implies that one is able to handle the individual stores in different ways by setting up The parameters of the individual stores in different ways. In the warehouse there is a standard delivery address for purchase orders.


Individual stores can be accounted handled differently using the following parameters:
  • Konteringstabel Automatic Posting of lagerp√•virkende transactions by stating konteringstabel modified and controlled to store dependent accounts.
  • Pricewise By pricing of orders can store selected for the current selling price structure does not apply to the stock. Eg. Handling of repair or service orders processed on a dedicated storage.
  • cost For stores without inventory management can goods sold in connection with the sale of goods from the warehouse, is set to be a fixed percentage of the selling price, since the products do not have any cost. The store has no asset value and stock value account in konteringstabellen must therefore be a revenue account. The entire sale value is purely contributions

Inventory management

Individual stores can be managed different in terms of inventory and calculation of available stock .
  • inventory Control The store can be marked as having no inventory ie without inventory control, and it is thus able to always deliver from the stock. You should be aware of the far reaching consequences of this parameter.
  • Storage Stop You can cancel a warehouse for sales order transactions , and in this way prevents erroneous transactions from stores, you do not want to sell directly from. Eg. be a buffer store is stopped.
  • Stock buffer You can to a store associate a buffer with an associated stock transfer account in the calculation of delivery from the buffer to this stock. One can currently only be one and only one memory associated with a buffer store
  • standard times Standard Packet for deliveries Standard quality control of incoming goods Standard quality control of finished volunteered production orders

offers Management

Individual stores can be managed differently regarding monitoring of bids,
  • offers valid You can specify how many days an offer as standard is valid
  • offers Follow-up You can specify how many days one offer follow-up to be made

distribution Management

Individual stores can be controlled differently in terms of distribution of goods