Sales Order Lines

As previously mentioned, the minimum information in an order line of a product number and a quantity . Some of the basic information of the goods are transferred to the order line with the possibility of subsequent changes. Amend item number subsequently transferred the basic information on new and any manual changes made will be overwritten.

By each update of a product line, the system will constantly check:

  • If the goods or the supply store is stopped for order processing, you can not create or execute orders on this.
  • If the product is replaced by another, the user will be made aware of this.
  • If product line already confirmed or a batch / serial specification, neither number or delivery inventory change.
  • If the country of delivery is checked for that classification number on the product must be filled out, the product line will be rejected if the tariff number is missing.
  • If the customer has a range description, and the item is not included in the assortment, the product line will be rejected

In combination with the user's profile and order governing firmaparametrer will order line associated with quantity indication thus contain transferred basic information regarding ::

  • Sales unit and conversion factor storage devices.
  • Packing unit and conversion factor for sales units (Option)
  • Any bill and variant if the item is marked as material list controlled. BOM lines with materials, will be automatically transferred to the product line.


The following information is transferred from and used in connection with pricing and discount calculation of the order line.
  • Fast product discount and rebate type
  • Marking of the product line to be included in the calculation of total order discount.
  • discount Group
  • BOM

Delivery Information

Information concerning supplies transferred to the order line:
  • Preparing Location and time
  • stock Which stock goods must be taken from defaults to the selected memory in the order header , unless the product has a primary storage.

invoice Information

Information concerning the invoice call is transferred to the order line: