In MERA Open ä comprises a product partly of a basic description and management and partly by inventory and turnover per store . The item number can be associated with the creation awarded based on a number series (001) and can contain both numbers and letters.

A commodity basis information can be divided into the following four categories:

General product information

For the general description typically belong:
  • Description The description can be entered in up to 4 languages ​​and can be used in the free text search in both general practices and order registration.
  • Other text description example. short name.
  • Photo and drawing reference.
  • Various categories for various analyzes and extracts.
  • Weight and volume
  • Bar code which can be used as an alternative key for example. order registration
  • Konteringstabel
  • Tax Code .
  • Tariff Number. Ensure that the export and omport orders to / from certain countries , the tariff number to be filled

There are also general information on how the product is controlled. This is eg .:

  • Storage device The storage device describes how we stock the item. The storage device refers to a code that defines how many decimal places warehouse fed with.
  • Inventory The stock can be kept at several levels (in addition to per store) and you can specify here: Holdings: The warehouse runs with a total inventory. Batch: Inventory inventory is calculated per batch number coming from either purchase or production. Serial number: Serial store is controlled, which means there are a number of different serienummerer per stock. BOM: The product has an associated bill which is used in connection with the sale of goods.
  • Inventory management In connection with the calculation of available inventory , you can specify how detailed calculation must be performed, for example. consumer goods.
  • order goods The product is a general description of the type obtaining goods such. from a particular supplier. There will be automatically created a new lot in connection with orders for this product.
  • Replaced by If an item is replaced by another number. It will be made aware of this in connection with any order registration.
  • Stop sales / consumption If the item can no longer be used respectively in sales and production.
  • Alternatively number