Product manufacturing information

In MERA Open ä form product manufacturing information base for salgsordrers treatment in order registration of lists of materials and production orders.

If the item can no longer be used in consumption this can be highlighted


In connection with the amount of registration on work orders and bills can be on the product indicate which unit consumption number set in and a conversion factor to the storage device. Ie consumption can be recorded, for example. a number of packages (consumer) containing a number of items (storage device) or a number of meters (consumer) of a certain number of kilos (storage unit). prices During a production order pricing and various BOM calculations can both færdivarer and consumer goods indicate:
  • standard Cost
  • Standard Cost price. This may indicate that prices are for a certain quantity either enter in a code or quantity.
  • Installation Cost Used as an alternative to the BOM setup cost associated with calculation of economic production order quantity of finished and semi-finished ..


When finished and semi-finished products given the bill and any variant to be used in connection with production orders. One can at a date to be transferred to another bill.