In MERA Open รค contains bills both products and capabilities and in this way a coherent picture of a production run and a bill or product costing.

The bills of materials can be used not only in production but also as material lists for sale . The bills of materials can serve as elements of a production itinerary.

A bill is a freestanding element and therefore not part of a product and created as such separate possibly from a number series (011). A set BOM can then be associated with a number . The same bill can therefore be used on several models. With indication of variations in the bill and the item can thus incorporate those elements of the bill, which has the same variant as indicated on the product. BOM lines without variation indication always included.

BOM Main

In addition to text descriptions and various drawing references contains BOM header:
  • Work location Reference to work where processing is usually accepted.
  • BOM Factor How many pieces / amount of a given finished product describes the bill. It may often be appropriate to describe the bill for a device other than goods for example. 1,000 pieces or otherwise.

BOM Lines

BOM lines refers to the products and capabilities that are included in the finished product. In connection with the registration of the number or capacity automatically transmitted the following information to the BOM line.
  • Consumption unit and conversion factor storage device

In addition, you can specify:

  • consumption factor Quantity of consumption units to be used to produce the amount specified in the bill head BOM factor.
  • Formation Quantity of consumption units consumed in connection with the possible establishment of the production facilities. This amount is thus a disposable waste associated with the startup of production.
  • Waste Percentage What percentage spilled into the current production. The pictures can specify a standard waste percent. The entered spill percentage will act as a supplement to the product standard waste percent.
  • variant What variants (comma separated) using this BOM line.

If several capabilities into a coherent production, it is important that the capacities put into use sequence eventually consumed capacity first. If in the same phase included several capabilities, it must be the major consumer be first. In this connection, one of the bill specify:

  • Parallel If two consecutive capabilities run in parallel, that is to start and end at the same time, although they do not have equal time.
  • Starting at the same time If two consecutive capabilities starts at the same time, but not necessarily (in terms of time consumption) ends at the same time
  • pseudo A number included in the bill may of course have a bill attached. Such a number can be a semi or a pseudo item number that excluded up to easy maintenance of bills. Ie if the same elements included in several bills, they can be described in a pseudo bill which can be used in many different bills. If such the bill be included in connection with the taking of materialrekvisition marked this. Otherwise it is assumed that this product is produced separately. One should be aware that any capabilities from such a sub bill not included in materialrekvisitionen and in calculation as they are supposed only used in the production of semi-finished products, and therefore already included in this bill are listed capacity consumption.