Free text search

Mera Open รค contains an advanced search engine to find the identities in a table. One each table may appoint data to be included in the table free text search.


  • Customers and suppliers name and address, delivery address and contact
  • goods description
  • Finanskontis description.

Keyword search is initiated by specifying the known information separated by blanks, with great advantage in order of detail (number of characters). Ie searching for "Islevdal Ole" is faster than "Ole Islevdal" since you immediately get fewer hits on * Islevdal "than" Ole " The first word should be the start of a word in identity free text, whereas the following may be the start of or contained in a word. This means that search on "Islevdal Ole" will find all identities, such as "Islevdalsvej" containing "Ole" and "sun" while "Ole Islevdal" will find "Ole" and "Olesen" (not "Sun") containing "Islevdalsvej" and "Hislevdal".

Full stops and commas, as well as user-defined custom characters seen in the search that starting on a new word. If you explicitly want to search the blank (s) used '_' (underscore). You can also use a custom wildcard character in the search. The search is not case sensitive, ie it does not matter whether you use uppercase or lowercase.

See also filtering .