Product sales information

In MERA Open รค form product sales information base for salgsordrers treatment in order registration .

If the item can no longer be used in sales this can be highlighted


Goods are in principle available to all established stores ,
  • primary Storage The product can be marked for which warehouse the default should be taken from. This selection can override the choice of storage from the user's profile

Sales Unit

In connection with the amount of the registration of orders can be on the product indicate which unit sales order number indicated in and a conversion factor to the storage device. Ie sales can be recorded, for example. a number of packages (sales unit) containing a number of items (storage device) or a number of meters (sales unit) of a certain number of kilos (storage unit). This can optionally be further expanded to a 2 phase detection where, for instance. could have the following setup:

Sales Package


Sales Unit


Storage device

LGD (Length)


M (Meters)

7.75 (per meter)

KG (Kilo)

Price and discount

In connection with a salgsordres pricing and discount calculation indicated.
  • Sales prices A base price and up to 8 selling prices in any currency. Sales prices are controlled by a current date and the system automatically maintains old prices when you admit new.
  • Selling price. This may indicate that prices are for a certain quantity either enter in a code or quantity.
  • fixed discount
  • discount Group For additional customer dependent discount calculation and pricing
  • Rabat Marker Indicates whether the item is part of a possible total order discount.
  • Miscellaneous charges . For automatic calculation of various environmental taxes packaging billing etc.


A product can contain a provisioning place and a number of standard days to prepare, so used in the calculation of the expected delivery date.