In MERA Open รค the individual product lines be updated with automatic billing of various taxes like. A charge can of course be a business-related tax example. pallets or as the word means a charge, you charge the state for example. packaging, oil, etc.

For each tax count a description:

  • tax Base Whether the tax is a tax per quantity ( sales or storage device ) or product line value.
  • tax Supply Reference to the cost answer, which is used as the billing basis.

By billing accumulates product lines (number and amount) per charge type. Once the general invoice has reached the last product line appear on the invoice an additional product line per charge with charge response number and the number set to the accumulated charge basis. This product line priced and calculated, as other product lines. Ie afgifsvaren include pricing parameters and konteringstabel so that you can post sales of special sales accounts.

You can have up to 255 charges in the system.