Sales Order Pricing

MERA Open contain a strong parameter-driven pricing, which contains elements from many different industries.

The pricing is by default called by entering the item number on an order, and based on the following information from the order header :

  • customer number
  • discount Group
  • Price Code
  • Price Currency
  • Requested delivery date

And from retail line

  • Item number
  • discount Group
  • Amount

Retail base currency

A product selling price based on a given price in a currency either stated on the product or the company setup .

You will typically in corporate settings indicate that sales prices are in Danish kroner or euro. In turn branches could all be in the sales price for example. US $. There may also be displaying products specifically for export, and prices can be entered into the export market currency.

Retail unit

The sales price is either in the sales unit or storage device from the company setup . A product sold for example. in packs of 6 units. The price must therefore be entered as price per pack or price per. piece depending on whether prices are entered in sales or storage devices.

This may be the sales price of a certain quantum of units defined by either a code, which refers to a specific quantity or by a quantity of previously studied or a combination of both. A product sold in packs of 12 pieces. If prices put into storage devices, you can then specify that the rate is per "Dozen" (which refers to 12), or that the price is for 12 (entered twelve). Both ways lead thus a price per package

Base prices

A product selling price may be given for up to 8 different price groups. These prices are date-driven, so that at the same time, old and new price. The price chosen based on the desired delivery date of the order. If one has divided its customers into three price groups for example. professional agents and private, one can per. part number indicate the selling price per code.

There are also cost codes introduce more or less special pricing mechanisms:

  • (14) The zero rate. The price of a product line can be 0 either indicating the price tag or marking the warehouse , as being without prices
  • (13) Purchase The price is set to genbestillingsprisen at the prime contractor.
  • (23) Average Cost. The price is set at average cost if the item is in stock, otherwise it is set to purchase.
  • (15) Standard cost

special Agreements

But first examined whether the customer or customer discount group have special prices or special pricing. The customer number even act thus as a discount group that investigated before the customer discount group. Per customer number or customer discount group, one can insert a fixed selling price per number or a different price tag per item number or item discount group. One can in this way agreement completely individual prices for a customer or customer group, either by stating the price, or by specifying different price tag. Eg. you can specify that a customer or customer discount group that really belong price group for professional must have agent prices for a certain range.

Price increases and reductions

When the base selling price thus found may incur various allowances and deductions until you have the final sales price.

On the customer or customer discount group can specify a percentage addition to price One could imagine that instead of having a price tag for private, with the resulting sale price maintenance, assigned private customers price tag for professionals but with a surcharge of 40%. In the case of the special pricing mechanisms could, for instance. say that the sales price is the purchase price plus a premium of 50%.

Retail allowance / deduction may also be dependent quantity, so as to have individual sales prices quantity per group. One can thus operate with a given sales price, as adjusted by the amount. If the amount is specifically in controlled and non-controlled item number, this part of the pricing only be made when the entire order is known, therefore all products are registered.

Man selling such. goods with a selling price based on the example. 100 kg. Under 100 kg has a surcharge of 7.00 kr. Per kg. Between 100 and 500 kg used basic price, and over 500 kg there is a deduction of 5% of the sale price. This deduction will appear ie not discount, but as a calculated sales price.

Price Currency

Price converted went off, the sales order price currency according to cost price and the corresponding afrundningsformel. Thus, if you have prices for example. Danish kroner, prices can be converted into another currency with a fixed exchange rate for a period, and rounded to one for the currency appropriate decimal number.

Manuel pricing

The price can then be corrected if you have proper password. Item Linen will be marked for that you have manually fixed price. If, after having executed the order attaches Items with the item number, which already appears on the order and is manually priced, the new product line inherit money from this.


If the order line has a BOM or material list price will be the sum of the prices multiplied by consumption per unit of material list and can only be edited in the BOM individual elements. Material List's product lines are priced just as any other order lines.


In addition to the above standard pricing, there are options within:
  • Prices incl. VAT
  • Prices supporting 2 or more items.
  • configuration management