Exchange rates

Mera Open currency table contains per currency:

  • currency code Standard currency code and description, and synonyms to use with external communications.
  • Exchange rate Exchange rate used in connection with all bookkeeping currency conversion, unless of each transaction is to specify price or amount in Danish kroner.
  • Price Price The exchange rate for conversion of prices related to such. order registration or customer-specific price lists. This price currency has an associated rounding formula, so that one per currency can determine rounding, for example. nearest 0.05, 0.25 or 1.00 in connection with the conversion of prices in Danish kroner to prices in foreign currency. This way you can maintain prices in foreign currency over a long period even if the exchange rate changed, and specify any foreign exchange reservations and base rate.

At each change saved the early courses so that one is able to inquire on rates as a date. The stored exchange rates used for consolidation of companies with different base currency .. You can have up to 255 currencies in the system.