Sales order discount calculation

MERA Open contain a highly parameter driven discount calculation, which contains elements from many different industries.

Overall, one can have a total order discount, which applies to all product lines except marked costs such. freight and fees. Order discount will be deducted from the total amount, but statistically distributed per. product line. This order discount can come either from the client or customer discount group, or entered by the user. The user can order the discount calculated by entering the order desired total amount. Additionally, the customer or customer discount group include a fixed line discount that will be applied to lines that do not have another discount phrase

Discount calculation is for retail lines as standard called by entering the item number on an order, and based on the following information from the order header :

  • customer number
  • discount Group

And from retail line

  • Item number
  • discount Group
  • Price
  • Amount

Product Line Discount

A discount of MERA Open can be one of the following types:
  • discount% A discount expressed as a percentage with 2 decimal places.
  • Amount A discount expressed as an amount off the price of the currency selling price per unit. Ie one explicit sales price reduction.
  • Quantity Expressed as amount of storage devices, which trigger one free.

From the item is automatically transferred standard product discount percentage. This discount can be overwritten by the customer or customer group's fixed line discount.

special Agreements

But first examined whether the customer or customer discount group have special discounts or special discount charge. The customer number even act thus as a discount group that investigated before the customer discount group. Per customer number or customer discount group, one can insert a fixed discount per
  • number or
  • a product number interval or
  • item discount group.

One can in this way agreement completely individual discounts for a customer or customer group. At this level, you can also select that the fixed line discount will not apply.

The discount can also be in terms of quantity or amount depending, in order to have individual discount rates for each quantity group. If the amount is specifically in controlled and non-controlled item number, this part of the discount calculation only be made when the entire order is known, therefore all products are registered.

Manuel discount phrase

The discount can then be corrected if you have proper password. Item Linen will be marked for that you have manually edited the discount.