Document Creation

Document and note creation are implemented smoothly across workspaces, as an overarching contextual function.

Documents can be created in the following ways:

  • Via existing identities such. a contact, an offer , an employee ..
  • As an automatic integrated process for example. quotation and purchase order confirmation.
  • Comments to existing documents.
  • Automatically from incoming emails , faxes and the like.
  • Activity Budgeting on clients and executives for example. visits, seminars etc.
  • Off calendar
  • Off message

By creating a document attached automatically the document responsible employee . There may be associated with an employee who conducts any follow-up of a document at any given time with a given priority and a copy to any other employees. The document controller and a copy of the list can be automated from the customer associated employee and document type. If the document is created from an existing document, copy the list automatically retrieved from this.

In connection with the establishment chosen document type , which determine the way forward for the document instance.

  • Complaints Automatic copy to selected employees Must have follow-up
  • Planned visits Upon completion must be submitted inspection report
  • Phone Message To appear in sequel immediately.
  • Offers Monitoring for example. one week.
  • E-mail or fax .

A document is also a topic-related, and the note itself that may be marked as confidential . In a document can be created MS Word , Excel, etc.. documents.

The document can then be sent and depending on the type of live through several such status.

  • Sent (if follow-up required)
  • Completed (if follow-up complete or no follow-up)
  • Marker for read by the monitor and staff to copy the list.

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