Received e-mails

A document can be created in the system's receipt of an email from either external or internal sources, this means that incoming emails are an inherent part of information flow, thus being made available to employees and particularly accessible from the individual employee's perspective and approach.

The system may be associated with a number of email addresses which are automatically retrieved from the provider.

  • System email address Used for receiving, sending and forwarding e-mails that you want created in document management system .
  • Employee e-mail addresses where all incoming e-mails requested document created in the system.

If a user receives an e-mail that he wishes to set up document management system, passed it with cc to the system's e-mail address. The system will analyze the email and especially the "From:" Having "---- Original Message --- "where e-mail address of the original sender located and searched found in the contact record. The user who forwarded the e-mail will be accountable document and sequel .

If a user sending an email from the external mail service (not Mera Open), which sought up document management system can be done by putting the system cc email address .. The system will analyze the email and any recipient e-mail address located. If the recipient address is a part of the local domain will this employee be sequel otherwise sequel sender and any recipient address search found in the contact record. The user who sent the email, will be responsible document.

If the system receives an email from other domains, perceived it as an email from a contact to the company and the system default document controller are as accountable document and sequel selected from the sales charge associated with the customer.

If the system receives e-mails to other addresses a system, analyzed e-mail and the sender and recipient address located. The recipient will be responsible and follow-up document and the sender requested found in the contact record.

If the email contains attached filler, save the original e-mail that can be recalled through the document, like other MS documents.