All people are created in the system for the identification, name and address, date of birth, employee grouping etc. The individual employees can then be assigned to one or more profiles , then they are able to log on to the system by specifying the related password. They established employees is an integral part of the whole MERA Opens document management and other employee-dependent treatment.

Each employee has a mailbox in the system through which all sporadic data transfer to and from the employee effected. When an employee logs on to the system emptied the mailbox, and outstanding data is transferred automatically, after which all new traffic be made immediately.

In addition to the employee enter:

  • Print Group If other employees initiate prints to be printed with this employee.
  • Email address Used in conjunction with the identification of the recipient of incoming e-mail to the employee and the sender of outgoing
  • Employment conditions Who the employee is employed under used in the display of company structure and indkøbsrekvisitionsstyring. Date of employment and possible termination and who has replaced employee.
  • Signature and text, respectively. e-mail and prints of example. Deals like.