In MERA Open can items be material list controlled, and these material lists can be configurable.

The configuration consists of a series of questions with answers that are used to pick the product's bill of materials / parts list .

In connection with the entry of the order on configurable products, forming a material list in the order from the answers to the given questions. Order line text 2 and 3 are updated with the answers.

variant Creation

An important element in goods with configurable bills of materials is possible creation of variants.

If the material list marked for that variant be created will automatically be created 2 items (unless the configuration is detected; see below) in connection with the confirmation of quotation / order to master the product. These products configuration retrieved from the order's material list and is now fixed and can not be changed. Therefore it is extremely important to change the order material list and line of text before confirming the offer / order for stock item. If you change the order material list after variant is created, the votes of the variant material list and the order material list not match. It is based on the same account as I said does not change the variant material list. It should also not be any reason qua if you change the parent material goods list by the same answers to questions are automatically generated new variants. The establishment formed a recognition key from an algorithm where the material number and quantity included. Is this key already, the configuration recognized and a previously created variant is used automatically; otherwise created 2 items:

1. The item number is a suffix: "-9999", where 9999 is a continuous numbering series starting from 0001, if the configuration is not known and has already created. This lot is still material list controlled, but the configuration is now fixed. This part number can be used by the reorder of a given configuration; alternatively recovered by a corresponding configuration of the parent item. The description will line 1 from the parent product and line 2 and 3 of the order's line text 2 and 3 (includes answers from the configuration). If the parent item has description in line 2 or 3, these lines further by viewing and printing variant. Thus, if one changes the text of the parent product, turn it through all variants.

2. The product number for a suffix: "-9999S", that is exactly as above, but with an "S". This item is not material list controlled, but inventory-driven, and can therefore be used for return or sales of assembled products. This product will automatically procurement / production stop, so there can only be sold up to the portfolio.