Finance Accounts

Mera Open a ledger accounts based on a custom chart of accounts and contains besides a text description that can be used for free text search , data concerning:

  • Operating or status Used in reports and year-end
  • Debit or credit Used in connection with budget hospitalization and miscellaneous questions
  • Fixed assets The account includes the balance sheet for a group of fixed assets, and you can not charge directly at it, but only through a fixed asset. If there are only linked one asset to one account, fixed asset is displayed and can thus charge either on account or fixed asset.
  • Momskontering Automatic calculation of VAT in connection with journal entries and cost invoice. For the VAT accounts (miscellaneous inputs and output tax) can hospitalized reference to the Customs and Tax for VAT settlement.
  • Liquidity management Whether the account is included in cash flow forecast statukonti or excluded from the cash flow forecast for operating accounts. What terms (orders and / or bids and / or budget) to be used in cash flow forecast. Terms or supplier number
  • Budget Management Detail Budget from other tables.
  • Entry Stop Prevents journal entries and accounting of cost invoice for example. automatic posting accounts
  • Dokumentkontering Reference to the cost equivalent be billed for document completion or journal entries with a document reference.

Finanskontiene will always be available either by their number , alternative number or description .