Financial Reports

Mera Opens รค financial reports based on the structure of the account number or structure of the alternative account plans. One can thus extract , sort and grouping on each part of the account number or part of an alternative account number. In transient lodging with the consolidation of several companies, it is important that you either run the same chart of accounts or have a common chart of accounts structure in any of the alternative account numbers, Distributions of costs will be made in connection with the report generation Tekstkontis ratios and totals can be used on an equal footing with other accounts. net profit (operating) will automatically be calculated and races could be used to balance inventory.

The individual financial reports are generated indicating the period which can be across both periods and period . After generation will turnover, turnover last and previous year for the period and year to date, with corresponding budget figures and forecasts be available for query and printing for example. in

  • Income Statement with budgets
  • Revenue across the crowns of budgets and last year's figure
  • Revenue in groups
  • Budget Room. month
  • Progress
  • excel

Any book not automatic entries for the selected period will be included in circulation figures. This means that in connection with the postings that contain machine postings in clearance can run accurate reports without waiting for the recording of Machine postings.

If the selected period beyond the current accounting month, sales figures for the part of the period which is after the current period, be replaced with the budget figures. One can thus run forecasts for example. Annual Results.