order Confirmation

A registered order in the MERA Open can be dealt with and executed as an order confirmation by treating the relevant order form . Thus, the same conditions, part numbers, prices, etc. that may have been offered , which continues in the system by order confirmation. Order Confirmation can after treatment be printed or sent via e-mail .

Requested delivery date

It is in connection with the order confirmation attribute information regarding picking and delivery such as:
  • Requested delivery date The desired delivery date can both be specified in the order header and possibly different for individual product lines to calculate the picking date and available stock for each product line, possibly changing the
  • Preparation Time You can change the setup time for the order as such and any additions per product line to calculate the picking date.

The requested delivery date is only a wish. If it can not be achieved according to the available stock calculate the real, and it is this which is confirmed to the customer. If this date is uncertain (building on standard delivery times), confirmed that no date to the customer or marked that there is uncertainty about the date.


When confirmation of order is finalized, confirmed it. This means that the system makes a copy of the order and assigns it a number according to the number series (004). This number might. be the order number possibly with a different suffix, followed by revision number.

This copy or annex will be appended to the order journal list and always appears in its original form untouched by subsequent amendments to the order itself. The Annex will be displayed on the screen as a printed document, printed or used to create and attach to an e-mail or fax . This treatment could be replicated and new revisions of the order confirmation is created if there is a change of the order. The system updates the order lines with confirmed quantity and amount and revised amount or amounts so as to tilstadighed have an overview of the order's cumulative progress without having to go to the basic documents.

confirmed delivery date

If this is the first confirmation of order is saved the delivery date that the delivery date has been confirmed for the first time to the customer for later analysis. On subsequent revisions of the order confirmation change package and delivery only if you can achieve or get closer to the customer's desired delivery date, or the quality of the delivery date changed from uncertain (building on standard delivery times) to secure (supporting the storage and access orders) according to the calculation model . This does not, of course, if you change the quantity or the like. Whereby the confirmed leveringsdatos assumptions change. One can say that if a seller once again received confirmation of the system that can deliver the goods at any given time, held on to this (unless the seller accept any new proposed date of delivery), and there is thus up to the disposition to achieve this.

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