Delivery Date

You can MERA Open enter the customer's desired delivery date overall in the order header and possibly different in the individual product lines . The requested delivery dates checked against the delivery method freight forwarder's delivery schedule. If you have asked for a delivery on a day when the freight forwarder is not running, the system will propose changes to the first previous date where you drive, if possible, otherwise at the earliest possible date for the desired.

Based on customer requested delivery dates (if no fill applied earliest possible delivery date in the following calculations) calculated the desired picking date per product line. This calculation includes:

From the base calendar counted backwards, thus will pick the date when the goods must be available to achieve the desired delivery date.

If the item is not available in the desired picking date, there is the date when the desired quantity is available, and assuming now forward from the above model, whereby one finds and displays a proposed date of delivery.

In connection with the order confirmation synchronized delivery date so that all order lines have the same delivery date. This can be overridden by specifying a supply pool or a different desired delivery date on the line. Lines with the same pool or desired delivery date synchronized. Delivery Group 'X' means that the product line can be supplied separately and not be synchronized with others. You can order header indicate that pools where most product lines are processed by purchases (created purchase order) and product line can not be synchronized with the others automatically moved to the pool 'X'.


If a delivery pool only contains items from a single source, sent the required delivery date for the pool to purchase otherwise the synchronized. This is done from the aspect that one can ask for single supply from one supplier and perhaps achieve the client's desired delivery date. If there are several suppliers involved, one must anticipate that one of the suppliers confirm delivery from the standard delivery and avoids thus getting commodities delivered before a single delivery to the customer.