For the industry of technical trading

The emphasis is on flexibility and clarity for each user without the system loses coherence and depth, which optimizes each fund's yield and ensures full utilization of the company's knowledge base.

The flexibility lies partly in the current parameter configuration of the system and part of the system's own dynamics, where users' diversity in choice of working and course catered for.

Transparent unit obtained by the answers to complex questions appear in the contextual detail. This ensures that the user does not lose track caused by superfluous information or loss of focus.

The connection can be achieved by the unique system architecture and integrated with Office package covers MERA company's total IT needs in a simple and smooth shape.

The depth retrieved from the system's unique database design. Regardless of expertise ensured both large and small organizations, the full benefit of MERA.

MERA supports employees from a customer's first phone contact with the approval of the final accounts. In one system integrates all customer contact, offer treatment and product configuration with orders, inventory and invoicing. This gives employees and management a complete overview of the individual case history and ensures a consistent treatment and transparency from quotation to invoice.

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