Example of a sequence of events.

1) The customer calls ang. A product and want to talk to a salesperson.

The employee can from MERA's calendar immediately get a list of the vendors who are present or their expected arrival. You can directly from MERA create a phone message that will be displayed at the moment the seller logs on.

2) The seller contacts the customer and agreements visits

The visit comes automatically MERA's calendar and possibly on employees affected cc list. These employees can enter comments to the seller - directly from the agreed visit. The agreement can be sent from MERA to the customer as e-mail, fax or letter. Upon completion of customer visit is recorded visit report with copy to affected employees.

3) The seller contacts the customer and agreements visits

The integration with MERA's product configurator and order system ensures that the offer is in accordance with the product specification and any price and discount agreements with the customer.

This is the deal registration as the basis for subsequent order confirmation and subsequent treatment. I offer treatment is partly manufactured retrieval of product - possibly from the customer item number - and possible assemblies and additional products, and configuring the product.

4) The offer sent to the customer

From MERA can offer along with data sheets and brochures mailed, faxed or sent to the customer in any language. In the same context is automatically created a follow-up of MERA's calendar and follow-up system. The offer is part of the company's pipeline and offers inventory, and customer interest is updated. The offer may be revised and submitted again. MERA keeps track of the various revisions of the offer.

5) Order confirmation and shopping

In connection with the order confirmation calculated delivery dates based on inventory and order backlog (sales, purchase and production). The order or parts of it can be automatically converted to purchasing or production orders with full configuration and example. tagnumre, ensures consistency between customer offers and the final delivery.

6) Receipt of goods and delivery

Upon receipt of goods recorded any serial / batch numbers and their tagnumre, which is automatically transferred to the client, which is thus ready for delivery and billing. The financial system is fully updated after each transaction.

7) Complaints and Service

In MERA there is full traceability of goods from eg. serial number or order number. Any complaints or service and the subsequent follow-up can be stapled to the customer's order and traced back to the original first phone contact.

MERA is thus one of the few business systems where CRM component is fully integrated at all levels. It is focused on the ability to act applicable, quickly and positively - both in terms of communication and product-wise. Combined with employee access to all the documents put you in a position to become relevant and competent to inquiries from all customers - our own and colleagues.

MERA provides functions to perform particular .:

  • Sales and Contact Management
  • Offers and promotions follow-up
  • Termination Statement and Order Confirmation
  • Storage, disposal, manufacturing and purchasing
  • Preparing, packing, delivery and invoicing
  • Economics and Statistics
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