Data Formatting

All numerical data (numbers) to be displayed or printed, formatted and validated using Mera Open formatting table . This table can be different for different documents or forms specifically about linguistic variancer. This table provides both formatting for display and validation (control) on Update

One each numeric field in various tables have a reference to a formatting rule that contains

  • data Description
  • decimal As a general rule, you can specify whether the indication of a decimal point in the entry have no significance.
  • option
  • divisor


The following rules apply in general:
  • dates All dates MERA Open รค stored internally and year (incl. Millennium and a hundred), month and day. A general rule is that the view is depending on the field's external representation size and the system will remove the millennium, century and year depending on the size. When entering dates are the month and year by default the current month and year.
  • time Time is stored internally as hour, minute, second and millisecond.
  • Time Time is stored internally as the number of minutes

data Description

The field described by filling in the full format using the following characters
  • 9
  • (Ni) numerical part of the century.
  • -
  • (Minus) numeric part of the number or records
  • Z
  • numerical part of the number or blank when preceded by 0 (zero).
  • Decimal point.
  • All other characters incl. blank shown without editing. When entering all characters that are part of the formatting will be accepted.


At any formatting rule can specify which character in data description, which is the decimal point. The decimal point is usually just a matter of formatting since all amounts held in the lowest unit for example. ear, with the smaller field in its formatting option is specified with floating decimal point.


Option field is used to describe the general characteristics of the field:
  • Y
  • Blank if the field is 0 (zero). Marked with * options are blank if the number is 0 (zero).
  • D
  • Date in the format day / month / year *)
  • d
  • Date in the format year / month / day *)
  • Periodedel of date.
  • W
  • Week format week / year *)
  • w
  • Week in format year / week *)
  • H
  • Number of hours and minutes for times
  • T
  • Time *)
  • IN
  • 1000000 / number *)
  • F
  • Floating point number *)
  • f
  • Floating point number
  • A
  • EBCDIC value of the figure

divisor At any formatting rule can associate a divisor. Eg. if you want to show the time as hours and minutes indicated the divisor to 10000 (removes seconds and milliseconds). Conversely, the divisor in all data entry fields act as a multiplier.