Freight Forwarders

In MERA Open รค, individual shippers or carriers created with a description of their delivery pattern . The individual forwarders associated with one or more delivery methods for use in determining the delivery date and to calculate the available stock .

When creating a new carrier-assigned number according to the number series (060)

In addition to a description of the freight forwarder table contains a matrix per weekday (Monday to Sunday) with the following information:

  • Time and dagnavn Deliveries made before that time comes at the first entered weekday. Eg. Having completed Monday 12:00 and Wednesday. This means that deliveries made before 12:00 on Monday may come with the freight forwarder on Wednesday. Eg. during Wednesday completed 14:00 and Wednesday +. This means that deliveries made before 14:00 on Wednesdays can come with the freight forwarder next Wednesday. Eg. during Friday filled in 13:00 and Tuesday. This means that deliveries made before 13:00 on Fridays may come with the freight forwarder at the next Monday.
  • Whether it is possible to force a delivery weekday.
  • Whether delivery is to be made even if the customer did not receive deliveries on the same day last week. This is a special option that can be used by regular distribution to the customer, and determine the delivery date based on whether the customer usually gets deliveries on the day of the week

You can inquire about a forwarder, and see his deliveries in a period.


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