Stock transfer of goods receipt skontering

Order Acceptance is made directly on lageroverførselssordren comparing the received and delivered quantity.

By accepting the transfer is made the following accounting entry:



Credit Account

05th Courtesy

43rd Stock Transfer (from stock)

26th Order in transut (from stock)

05th Courtesy

01. Stock Value (in stock)

44th Stock Transfer (for storage)

12th Retention costs

01. Stock Value (in stock)

22nd Retention costs

05th Courtesy The sum of the amounts sbevægelserne on delivered not received divided by the number delivered not received multiplied by the number received .. So the value of the quantity which is awaiting receipt in relation to the receipt number.

12th Retention costs. Received number multiplied by the repatriation costs apiece plus repatriation costs as a percentage of the net.

(Auto post-21)

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