Stock Transfer Delivery

Delivery of a stock transfer is made on the basis of a stock transfer order so that only an approval of the supplied number and impairment of memory and appreciation of goods in transit.

By acceptance of delivery charged to the following:



Credit Account

04th Cost of sales

The 13th Goods in transit (from stock)

01. Stock Value

04th Cost of sales.

Courtesy number multiplied by stock value divided by inventory. Dvsvareforbrug charged with an estimated weighted average cost and not an updated cost. The cost exists only as long as there is a stock.

If the store is no inventory management, ie accepting a negative inventory, will cost at o or negative stock will be calculated based on replacement cost from the main supplier, net of both line and order discount converted at current exchange rate attributed repatriation costs.

There is the possibility of charging the standard cost.

01. Stock Value.

Stock value is updated thus already at time of delivery. Offset account for stock write-down is therefore

The 13th Goods in transit (from stock)

Goods in transit is a specification of goods during delivery, which could then be raised as an asset along with stock valuation.


Issued 15 pieces. part-A and 6 pcs. part B from warehouse stock transfer order.

Stocks are on the A 100 before delivery and the value 95.00 dkk. and at B 20 pcs. the value 180.00 dkk.

Part A

15 * (95.00 / 100)


Part B

6 * (180.00 / 20)


04th Cost of sales

14.25 54.00


As charged in the following way:





01. Stock Value



The 13th Goods in transit (from stock)



(Auto post-20)

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