In MERA Open ä can maintain basic calendar to describe when the company closed, and a description of the work week. In addition, you can create different calendars that can be assigned for example. suppliers to calculate the delivery , when creating a new calendar assigned number from the corresponding number series (143). A calendar provides a user-specific code that is used as reference to the table, and a brief description:

On the calendar, enter a table of periods when there are closed, stating the date and time, and date and time.

The working week is described as a number of days of the week. Ie 5 means Monday through Friday, 6 Monday to Saturday, etc. In connection with Mera Open production management can retail describe shifts and working hours.

If the calendar to associate with a supplier, you can also describe his delivery days and speditionstid and thus affect the supplier leveringsmådes freight forwarder dispatch days